When private parties approach Federal legislators seeking changes in Federal statutes, they are typically asked to present evidence about the budgetary effects of their proposals. The Moran Company is frequently called upon to supply that evidence, in the form of rigorous estimates of how the legislation would be “scored” by the Congressional Budget Office (CBO) were it to be actively considered in the legislative process.

Most commonly, this work involves developing customized models of the budgetary impact of the proposed policy relative to CBO’s “baseline” projection of Federal finances under current law. Federal policymakers and their staffs have come to rely on Moran Company estimates as a source of objective and balanced information about the budgetary implications of policies they are considering. Where warranted, The Moran Company can also serve as a conduit to provide data and other non-public information to Federal scorekeepers. Our experts are frequently called on to accompany clients to meetings with Congressional and CBO staff to discuss these analyses.